Excerpt from The Last Speaker of Bear: My Encounters in the North, collection of vignettes of a life spent traveling in the north from Alaska and Canada to Siberia, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway. Millman spent four decades since on some thirty-five expeditions in search of undeveloped landscapes, wildlife, and traditional cultures.

Overlook by Suzanne Stryk

I cruised east on Route 64, stopping at the Rockfish Gap Overlook, where a dozen cars pointed toward the panorama. Walking over to a silver Dodge Avenger, I asked the suntanned driver if I could collect bugs stuck to the grill of his car. “Huh? You want to do what?” he winced. “Collect dead insects.”Continue reading “Overlook by Suzanne Stryk”

The Three O’Clock Cat by Gretchen Legler

When we first moved to rural Maine, like any newcomers, Ruth and I wanted to know things: where to buy groceries, how to get our internet hooked up, the best restaurants, where to shop for clothes and hardware, the hours for the local transfer station (the new name for the dump), recommendations for dentists andContinue reading “The Three O’Clock Cat by Gretchen Legler”


West Side Rising: How San Antonio’s 1921 Flood Devastated a City and Sparked a Latino Environmental Justice Movement is the first book focused on San Antonio’s enduring relationship to floods, which have had particularly severe consequences for its communities of color. Examining environmental, social, and political histories, author Char Miller shows how disasters can exposeContinue reading “WEST SIDE RISING”

Begin Again

by Sandra Alcosser Because of open woodlandWith quivering sun patches A bird’s eye might observe a wormChiseling under earth’s Skin—because of granite bouldersFull of egg cases holding Spiderlings—because of purple berriesCome sweet in July—chokecherry Shadblow NankingHips and haws ripening— Branch nesters build summer nurseriesOn the face of our cabin—the same family Every year or theirContinue reading “Begin Again”