Revolutionary Women: Nahui Olin

Nahui Olin (b. Mexico City, Mexico, 1893; d. Mexico City, 1978), an artist and writer, used hertalent in the 1920s to express her intellect and her sexuality and to break down genderbarriers at a time when Mexican women were severely constrained by law and social custom. Apainter and photographer who organized her own shows, OlinContinue reading “Revolutionary Women: Nahui Olin”

Elephants: We Hardly Knew Them, a Conversation with Dale Peterson

Dale Peterson has spent his career writing about subjects ranging from art and literature to computers to psychiatry to travel, including penning the biography Jane Goodall: The Woman Who Redefined Man.  When it came to elephants, Peterson decided the history, strength, intelligence, and dominance of the world’s largest land animal were better explored in wordsContinue reading “Elephants: We Hardly Knew Them, a Conversation with Dale Peterson”

Best Animal Books of 2020

When I’m getting to know someone, a common icebreaker is the question, what’s your favorite animal? Everyone, even the meanest and grumpiest person, has a favorite.  We find aspects of these nonhuman creatures enjoyable or intolerable, relatable and lovable. Being curious about animals is part of being human. Here’s a list of some of theContinue reading “Best Animal Books of 2020”