Two Nations Together Again at Boquilla

by Joe Holley Boquillas Crossing—On a cold, gray afternoon in Big Bend National Park, the rugged peaks and buttes wreathed by graceful low-hanging clouds, thirty or so American tourists are slouched against walls or sitting cross-legged on the hard floor of a small building manned by the National Park Service. We’ve all spent a portionContinue reading “Two Nations Together Again at Boquilla”

Each One a Bright Light by Lee Herrick

I was born outside of you, in Korea, in 1970, a year of upheaval and revolution. I was adopted and arrived in America in October 1971, at ten months of age, on your west coast, the San Francisco International Airport to be exact, where I was adopted by a White American couple. In the yearContinue reading “Each One a Bright Light by Lee Herrick”

Write-Ins for President by Leath Tonino

I elect that bull elk in the Snake River. I elect that raven in Canyonlands National Park. I elect autumn moonlight on metal roofs. I elect the strand of barbed wire that fell from the post and is now woven into the tall brown grass. I elect the tall brown grass. I elect my neighbors’Continue reading “Write-Ins for President by Leath Tonino”