Art in the Time of Covid

Creating art during the pandemic has proven challenging for many. While some visual artists are burning out on screens, others, as a recent Wired article noted, have found that digital projects pose some unique advantages. Among them is Elyse Andrews ’20, who has found ways to express her art and explore themes more deeply sinceContinue reading “Art in the Time of Covid”

Rocío Guenther: Mujer Renacentista

by Elena Negron San Antonio is famous for its unique mix of Texan and Mexican culture, and this is encapsulated no better than in the experiences of Rocío Guenther, a Trinity University alum who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting virtually with Guenther, who isContinue reading “Rocío Guenther: Mujer Renacentista”

Best Animal Books of 2020

When I’m getting to know someone, a common icebreaker is the question, what’s your favorite animal? Everyone, even the meanest and grumpiest person, has a favorite.  We find aspects of these nonhuman creatures enjoyable or intolerable, relatable and lovable. Being curious about animals is part of being human. Here’s a list of some of theContinue reading “Best Animal Books of 2020”

What-a-Bunch of Creatives

Texans have a lot in common. We love wide open spaces. Bluebonnets. The Spurs. And if you can brag about calling the Lone Star State home, you definitely have a love for Whataburger, which has restaurants all over Texas and the South. People around these parts are as passionate about the fast food chain asContinue reading “What-a-Bunch of Creatives”